Who we are

EcoRanger is an awesome team in tourism destinations in Indonesia in order to protect our home country to make it clean and sustainable.

Our capabilities include sharing knowledge, entrepreneurship, guidance, organization, and building empowerment. These five competencies are used in order to address waste issues in tourism destinations, especially in the strategic tourism destinations. We want to make sure that tourism destinations are always clean and maintained properly.

EcoRanger solves waste problems in tourism destination

Indonesian Government is accelerating tourism industries in order to increase tourist visitors and improve the economy. Tourist destinations arround Indonesia are growing faster in terms of visitor. At the same time we are facing waste issue, a challenge that typically will happen in tourism destination.

With this emerging tourism destination there will be a great impact to the surrounding society, both positive and negative.

Picture by EcoRanger / Pulau Merah Banyuwangi

Our Rangers

EcoRanger Banyuwangi

Siti Muyasaroh
Siti MuyasarohRanger Banyuwangi - Site
Ahmad Muzaqi
Ahmad MuzaqiRanger Banyuwangi - Partnership
Tri Prihartono
Tri PrihartonoRanger Banyuwangi - Outreach and
Rindra R Arifin
Rindra R ArifinRanger Banyuwangi - Media and
Edi Sukamto
Edi SukamtoRanger Banyuwangi - TPST 3R
Bambang Joko Purnomo
Bambang Joko PurnomoRanger Banyuwangi - General

National Team

Ridho Malik Ibrahim
Ridho Malik IbrahimProject Manager
Responsible for project management and development.
Nadhira Sagita
Nadhira SagitaResearch Manager
Doing early research and calculating waste production and waste estimates.
Hendro Subroto
Hendro SubrotoRelationship Manager
Creating and maintaining relationship with various stakeholders.
Bilqis Rulista Al-Zahra
Bilqis Rulista Al-ZahraProgram and Education Executive
Developing an efective education program to be tought in field.
Ridwan Fadil Arif
Ridwan Fadil ArifVice Project Manager
Managing project and developing program to be implemented.
Jibriel Firman Sofyan
Jibriel Firman Sofyan Field Manager
Coordinating project in field to implement programs and concepts.
PanduTrainer Manager
Training rangers and improving their capacity.
Muhamad Muharam
Muhamad MuharamTraining Specialist

Senior Supervisor

M Bijaksana Junero Sano
M Bijaksana Junero SanoFounder Greeneration Foundation
Vanessa Letizia
Vanessa LetiziaExecutive Director of Greeneration Foundation
Hani Sumarno
Hani Sumarno Executive Board Bandung Cleanaction